Prototyping & Development

Horne Technologies cc. proudly represents and distributes several international prototyping products in South Africa.


Horne Technologies is able to supply several different kinds of prototyping hardware for the mechanical structure side of new developments. Not only are these systems professional looking and exceedingly functional, but they serve to great reduce time spent on creating structures.

In addition to these, Horne Technologies is also able to suply a wide range of associated products - motors, gearheads, electronics, sensors etc.

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MakerBeam 10mm square aluminium protyping profiles

MakerBeam specialises in the sales and production of small aluminum profiles and related hardware. We provide hardware that simplifies building small-scale projects. Instead of large amounts of time being spent by engineers having to develop a bespoke platform, MakerBeam allows the rapid construction of prototype frameworks. This results in engineering time being spent on development of the actual product.

The aluminium profiles simply bolt together, with a wide number of brackets and accessories available. Almost any imaginable foundation can be built using this system. It is easy to attached boards, wheels, brackets, hinges, etc to allow the simple contruction of robots, through CNC machines and even camera systems.

Many perceive such systems to be toys, but in fact they are exceedingly valuable engineering accessories, which enhance prototyping and save both time and money. MakerBeam

A key value of such a system is that pieces can be broken down and reused once a protype is no longer needed. There is no need for drilling holes so there are no unsightly marks left behind. The system can be reused time and time again.

MakerBeam products are supplied typically in a starter pack as a first step, in either clear anodised, or black. The starter kits are ideal to get going and assembling. However, often additional pieces will be required in time, as projects expand, or as multiple projects are undertaken. Then either additional starter kits can be purchased, or components from the kits purchased. Typically profiles and brackets come in packs of multiple pieces.

The image above an idea of what is contained in the pack - 50 pieces of black or clear anodised MakerBeams (10x10mm) of different lengths, 60 brackets, a bag of nuts and bolts, a hex nut driver and all this is packed into a plastic case.

The following is a detailed list of the items found in the starter pack:

50 aluminum MakerBeam profiles anodised:
60 stainless steel brackets:
12 x 90 degree
12 x 60 degree
12 x 45 degree
12 x corner brackets
12 x 90 degree right angle
MakerBeam adopted T-slot technology to make the Mini-T profiles. MakerBeam width and height = 10mm x 10mm. Our beams are available in different sizes. The beams are anodised in black or clear, have a hollow core and have threaded holes each end.

The MakerBeam catalogue can be downloaded here.


Please note - although the systems are versatile for mechanical systems and robotics, they can also be used for holding PCBs, microfluidic plates and accessories etc. As wide as the imagination runs, and the project requires, these systems can help out.


OpenBeam 15mm square aluminium protyping profiles

OpenBeam is a scaled down, desktop sized version of extruded aluminum framing systems commonly used in industry for rapidly prototyping and building machinery. It is a slightly bigger system (15mm square instead of 10mm square), optimized for cost by using standard hardware instead of proprietary and expensive fasteners and using injection moulding for the common brackets to bring the cost down.


Following the same principles of use and function as the MakerBeam system, the OpenBeam system allows the same prototyping experience, where a slightly larger profile is more suited to the requirements. In addition, if weight is a factor, the plastic injection moulded brackets are lightweight and versatile. However, if plastic brackets are not suitable or a mix is required, additional stainless steel brackets are readily available.

Each of the 4 slots are designed to capture a regular DIN934 M3 nut. Brackets can then be attached to these nuts. With a quick turn of a 2mm hex key, the brackets can be repositioned anywhere along the beam. Adjusting and tuning an OpenBeam frame is therefore very easy.

The hole that runs down the extrusion is sized for an M3 sized tap as well (note however that this hole does not come pre-tapped in the kit). This allows button head screws to be used for blind mounting of OpenBeam components at 90 degrees to each other, as well as the use of feet to cap the ends of the extrusion.


OpenBeam precut kit clear anodised holds a variety of lengths. OpenBeam is 15mmx15mm and hollow core. OpenBeam has no threaded ends. The lengths you will find in the precut kit are 300mm (2 packs), 270mm, 210mm, 150mm (2 packs), 120mm, 90mm (2 packs), 60mm (2 packs), 45mm, 30mm. The kit also contains L-brackets (4 packs), T-brackets (1 pack), OB feet (1 pack), hexagon head screws (1 bag), button head socket screws (1 bag), hex nut driver, hex key driver and nuts (1 bag) and is packed in multi usage storage box with compartments.

As with MakerBeam, once a startkit has been used, or even more than one, and additional components are needed - either beams, brackets (plastic or otherwise) and nut or bolts, these are readily available.

The OpenBeam catalogue can be downloaded here.


PCBGRIP is an electronics assembly system designed to make it easier to assemble and work on electronics. Completely customizable, with open source flexibility, it holds printed circuit boards (PCBs), components, stencils, and everything else you need, improving both the quality and speed of assembly. It solves the challenges of hand electronics assembly faced by hobbyists, makers, and assemblers.

PCBGrip was designed to speed up the assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic projects. It is a tool that does not only hold a PCB. It holds everything else, while providing full access to the work.


Most parts have 3mm holes and common M3x0,5 threads. There are countless ways the parts can be connected and used together. The red components are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, anodised, and laser engraved. Hardware is stainless steel, with the exception of the large brass thumb screws.

PCBGrip firmly holds the PCB between the aluminum extrusion. Width between the aluminum extrusion is easily adjusted to hold PCBs up to 306mm (12”) wide and the flat spring makes it easy to insert and remove the PCB. The Flat Springs can be used to hold a PCB above the aluminum extrusion too.

Not only will PCBGRIP hold the PCB, it will hold anything else you need to help with your project. Whether it be an oscilloscope probe, holding a component with alligator clips, or something unique you've designed and attached to the aluminum extrusion.

PCBGrip 750

The unique Hinge Assembly provides four degree of freedom. This will allow you full access to the work. Elevation can be changed, work can be rotated around both the horizontal and vertical axis, and tilted. Index pins provide a secure positive lock for both rotation around the horizontal axis and tilting.

PCBGrip provides you with the flexibility to make it easier to work on your project. Limited only by your own ingenuity.

There are several different kits available, see above chart.

The PCBGrip catalogue can be downloaded here.


ACTOBOTICS - Brought to you by ServoCity

Actobotics® is a aluminium channel based precision building system. The unique overlapping hole patterns allow for virtually unlimited mounting possibilities, and the precision components offer structures with tight tolerances and low friction. The intuitive design makes building easy for both the experienced engineer and novice hobbyist. As you can see from the product categories shown below, the Actobotics® line is vast and continues to expand at a rapid pace. We hope you enjoy working with Actobotics® as much as we do! PCBGrip 750

A range of motor and servo mounts is available, together with a series of adapters, housings, beams, braces, bolts and other acessories. Please note that the Actobotics system is an inch based, non-metric system so not everything is compatible with metric based systems.

Through ServoCity and others a range of motors and servos, together with controllers is available. As the range of items is so wide, not everything is kept in stock, and lead time for non-stock items may be substantial as we have certain purchasing conditions.